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SEO actually helps a business grow - provided the techniques adopted are effective and the design is simple and attractive. Webrex provides the best support for such creative designing, thereby making the sites interesting and increasing the traffic. Websites need to be built in the best effective way possible for SEO. Relevant keywords need to be put in so that the site can feature high on the SEO searches. All these lead to better trafficking of clients, faster growth graphs, better profit and strong impressions, team at Webrex plans out the strategies smartly and comes up with innovations, We assures of.

Websites need to be built in the best effective way possible for SEO services

SEO Instruction

Our SEO introduction course helps beginners gain confidence and a better understanding of what’s required to get to the top of Google. We take you through the basics of SEO at one step

  • SEO Overview
  • Keywords and Target Audience
  • Building a Great Website
  • Getting Found on Google (and other search engines!)
  • Putting SEO into Practice

SEO Intermediate

Building on SEO fundamentals, the SEO intermediate course sharpens your SEO skills. We show you SEO strategies that work in 2013 and will help you move ahead of your competitors.

  • SEO Overview
  • Visibility
  • Relevancy
  • Popularity
  • PBusiness Intelligence for SEO

Blogging Insrtuction

Our blogging introduction course teaches you the basics about blogging, so that you’re confident writing and uploading content to your blog. We look at simple strategies to make your blogging much more effective.

  • Using Blog Software
  • Writing Blog Posts and Pages
  • Building Your Readership
  • Getting Readers to Take Action
  • Putting it All Together

Blogging Intermediate

Our blogging intermediate course takes you further into the technology of blogging, with more advanced tips and techniques. We focus on practical advice that you can use straight away, to grow your blog’s readership.

  • Blogging Overview
  • Using Blog Software Efficiently and Effectively
  • Planning and Writing Great Blog Content
  • Growing Your Readership and Your Blogging Network
  • Building a Blog Roadmap

Social Media Service

This social media course helps you get to grips with the fast changing social networks. You’ll learn how best to integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn into your business.

  • Social Media Overview
  • Using Facebook and Twitter
  • Using Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Effective Use of Social Media
  • Putting it All Together

Adwords PPC service

Our PPC course explorers how to use Google AdWords effectively and how to maximise business conversions. We show you how to increase profit and ensure you don’t waste money.

  • Planning and Structuring
  • Keywords, Ads and Landing Pages
  • Bids, Budgets and Ad Quality
  • Tracking Performance
  • PPC Roadmap